PuppetCraft presents

The Tin Forest a puppet show and workshop

Friday 27th October 2017 – 2pm to 5pm

based on the book by Helen Ward, illustrated by Wayne Anderson, published by Templar.

For family audiences… aged 3 and up.

The Tin Forest is about a lonely old man who lives in a dreary junkyard, full of other people’s broken and unwanted junk.  He dreams that one day his world will be full of life, colour and sound.

His wish is about to come true…

An uplifting, humorous and touching show, full of visual invention, puppetry and live music…with mechanical birds, a wind-up circus and exotic animals of all shapes and sizes.

The show has few words.

Show length: about 45 minutes.

A workshop will be run before the show for anyone aged 7 years and up, including family groups.

You will learn to perform in a metal junk-instrument and bamboo orchestra, using instruments made by a blacksmith,  and play the overture to the show.

Copies of The Tin Forest book will be on sale after the show.

“PuppetCraft are always excellent, inventive storytellers making shows to keep the audience – young and old – entranced.”  Village promoter