Go Green Low Carbon Economy

Friday 29th October 2021 — All Day ‘Go Green’ Festival

The Go Green Economy; defines and includes a sustainable low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially inclusive trajectory. This green-giant, Go Green Low Carbon Economy, should appreciate the length-of-time it takes for society to develop and advance the lives of ordinary working people. The livelihoods of those people immediately impacted, will undeniably (and understandably) in the majority of cases, be met with extreme hardship… Our current dependence on natural resources, and as we gravitate towards a more economically friendly solution– however, this trajectory will affect all of us in one way or another!

Festival Drayton Centre: 10am — 2pm

With progressive targeted mindsets, and shifting gear change, as a society we are more open to follow corporate sponsored programmes. This too might be secured by the backing of public finance, monies and private investment. Our contracts, evolving infrastructure, environmental (and strategic) studies, provide us with enough data to conjecture and ready ourselves for ever-changing policy adaptation.

The problem is that our perception of any type of transition to a society that addresses (and adheres) to a low-carbon economy, is twinned with major significant conjecture for its remodelling.  With this moulding, that although might be necessary, cities/towns/districts may find challenging to translate to strategy for practical initiative.

So, as we prepare ourselves for a lifestyle reboot, letting Maverick take charge of the system… It sounds more and more like a risky plan. However, behind most success stories there is a plan, and when victories are measured, risk turns to reward…..